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New Generations. Luis Úrculo.

Luis Úrculo is an architect based in Madrid, if it’s possible to say “based” for someone who is constantly traveling to different countries and working on projects around the world, from China to Lisbon. Licensed at the ETSAM School of Architecture in Madrid (December 2006), at the Illinois Institute of Technology (IIT) and at the Institute […]

Gianpiero Venturini visiting Estudio SIC.

Gianpiero Venturini founded Itinerant Office in 2012, presenting the “New Generations” project, an investigation on young European architects’ conditions and visions that aims at creating a web platform for debate and discussion.

Madrid Río wins the Green Good Design Awards 2013

The Green Good Design Award is promoted by The European Centre for Architecture Art Design and Urban Studies, an institution dedicated to public education concerning all aspects of the built environment —from entire cities to individual buildings— including the philosophical issues of arts and culture that ultimately give the final shape to design.