Gianpiero Venturini visiting Estudio SIC

Gianpiero Venturini visiting Estudio SIC.

Gianpiero Venturini founded Itinerant Office in 2012, presenting the “New Generations” project, an investigation on young European architects’ conditions and visions that aims at creating a web platform for debate and discussion.

On the occasion of The Forum on the City: MADRID, Venturini wrote a text about the constant transformation of Madrid as a consequence of the economic crisis that is affecting Spain, pointing out that this fact is strongly reflected in the work of the younger generation of architects. This emergent generations of architects include several studios and collectives based in Madrid (among other cities). Venturini visited Estudio SIC to talk about the new cultural, political and economic conditions which are reflected in society, and that act as catalyst for new ideas, methods and innovative processes.

We can read about Estudio SIC:

“In recent years, an interesting phenomenon has been taking hold once again in Spain: architecture collectives (the “Colectivos de Arquitectura”) are re-appearing, in response to the change of conditions currently afflicting the profession. A result is the re-emergence of a number of key concepts that characterise these young groups of creatives: work based on collaboration, plurality and the creation of innovative ideas through debate and confrontation.”

“Despite the fact that Spain, and in particular Madrid, have for some years been living in a state of uncertainty, highly innovative initiatives find space here. This is the case of  Estudio SIC, a research and architecture collective founded in 2004 by Esaú Acosta Pérez, Mauro Gil-Fournier Esquerra and Miguel Jaenicke Fontao. Although they are based in Madrid, they have always supported initiatives based on permeability and delocalisation of the workspace. These concepts acquire form via a series of initiatives implemented in a number of Spanish and European cities, which have led to the creation of a network of extremely flexible spaces for working and collaboration.”

The interview was published in “Domus” magazine. To read more, please visit the post Studio Visit 04: Estudio SIC.

Photo by Lukasz Michalak courtesy of intermediae.

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