New Generations. Luis Úrculo

New Generations. Luis Úrculo.

Luis Úrculo is an architect based in Madrid, if it’s possible to say “based” for someone who is constantly traveling to different countries and working on projects around the world, from China to Lisbon. Licensed at the ETSAM School of Architecture in Madrid (December 2006), at the Illinois Institute of Technology (IIT) and at the Institute of Design in Chicago. In 2004 he founded Motocross and in 2006 he established his own studio.

As a teacher and researcher he directs thesis projects with Jaime Hayón for the Master of European Design Labs at the Istituto Europeo di Design in Madrid; he has been invited as visiting professor and lecturer in Geneve (HEAD), Columbia University (New York), Danish Center for Architecture (Copenhagen), Vitra Design Museum at Boisbuchet, Graham Foundation (Chicago), México DF, Grenoble, Istanbul, Buenos Aires, Barcelona, Madrid and Alicante.

As part of the New Generations project, in this interview he talks about his “Three Approaches to Architecture in Times of Crisis.” Mixing up different practices, he points out that:“I no longer know what architecture is and what an architect should do”.

More info: Luis Úrculo and New Generations

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