Madrid Río wins the Green Good Design Awards 2013.

Madrid Río wins the Green Good Design Awards 2013

The Green Good Design Award is promoted by The European Centre for Architecture Art Design and Urban Studies, an institution dedicated to public education concerning all aspects of the built environment —from entire cities to individual buildings— including the philosophical issues of arts and culture that ultimately give the final shape to design.

This year, the project Madrid Río, one of the case studies of The Forum for the City, was awarded under the banner, “Build A Better World Now,” in a selection of designs for buildings and products that emphasize the most advanced “Green Approach” and the most sophisticated methods and technology to make the the most positive impact on the environment.

The project Madrid Río has been designed by Burgos & Garrido Arquitectos Asociados, Porras La Casta Arquitectos, Rubio & Álvarez-Sala and West 8 and is part of the case studies selected for thr Kent Sate Forum on the City: MADRID.

More info: Burgos-Garrido

Photo courtesy of The European Centre For Architecture Art Design and Urban

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