102 Viviendas en Carabanchel

by Dosmasuno Arquitectos

The L-shaped housing block for 102 social dwellings by Dosmasuno Arquitectos consists of 52 single-bedroom, 35 double-bedroom and 15 triple-bedroom apartments. All the units are based on a common layout, developed for the single-bedroom typology, with living and main bedroom facing south. A galvanised white mesh provides protection from the sun and gives uniformity to the south facade. On the north side, cantilevered additions expand the basic unit into double or triple-bedroom apartments, breaking the uniformity of the block. (EP)

LocationAvenida de la Peseta / Calle Valle de Boi 28054 Carabanchel, Madrid
FunctionCollective housing
Latitude/Longitude40°22’01N / 03°45’50W
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